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Our Frames:
Italian Artisanship
Meets 3D Printing Get Yours

Our frames are the outstanding result of thousands of hours spent drawing, printing, and testing the endless possible combinations. From a sketch on paper to the physical product, layer after layer. The realization of each frame takes several hours of full speed printing, after which the frame gets refined by hand: we take care of every detail, meticulously polishing and refining every single frame. After a 6 hour process, the final outcome is the unique merger between Italian elegance and ABS roughness. Beauty shaped out of hundreds of layers, the unmistakable feature of each and every of our frames.

Beauty Meets technology

We only use Makerbot: the best commercial 3D printers on the market and our frames are made of top quality Makerbot filaments only. The 1st Generation frames are entirely made of Premium ABS, and every single detail of the frames has been carefully studied and designed to make the most out of its qualities and strengths, delivering an outstanding final result: a combination of lightness, flexibility, comfort and resistance. As for the lenses: nothing less than op quality, polarized, insanely shining REVO lenses, to fully shield your eyes from sunrise to sunset. Since day 1, we all agreed on one main point: our shades are not meant to be just beautiful, they’re meant to be epic!

3D Printing: Turning Ideas into Reality

Long story short, 3D printers are printers that print real objects: able to give shape to the craziest ideas, using a multitude of different materials. We’ve been fascinated by this technology since the very first time we tried it. Our fabric is powered by Makerbot, the best commercial 3D printer the market has to offer, and our products are made using top quality filaments only. The printers extrude 24/7, at full speed, hundreds of meters of filaments a day, layer after layer. Boldly visible on the surface, the layers represent the 3D printer’s unique signature, setting 3D printed items apart from common, mass produced stuff.