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At Kobrin, we’ve associated the concept of Sprezzatura to our collections and ourselves. "Essere Sprezzanti" is our core, and sets the standards in the realization of each and every of our products.

Looking artistically disheveled, concealing the conscious effort put into the choice of the outfit and the accessories. That’s the philosophy behind our products: they’re all thought to be elegant but rough. The combination of classic shapes, rough materials and 3D printing, produces a uniquely beautiful result.

Let’s start from our Sunglasses: we took inspiration from traditional models on the market, and rethought them, Kobrin style. The shapes remain elegant, the material becomes seriously rough: the ABS, melted by the printer at 230°, is poured on the glass plate forming, one layer at the time, the final frame. The insanely shining Full Revo do the rest.

Colorful, boldly rough and elegant, the perfect accessory to match with a striped Italian button down or a slim fit, one color t-shirt.

The point is, being unique and stand out, without falling into vulgarity.

The point is, being Realmente Sprezzanti. 

Posted by Davide Nastasi

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14 Jun